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Success Stories...

I had been troubled for many, many months with a very painful right knee. When my doctor suggested surgery, I questioned if there wasn’t something else we could do. In our conversation, I asked about the Aquatic Center which was being built on the corner of my residential street

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The Lewis Aquatic Difference

At the Lewis Aquatic Center, our focus is on you and to help you feel better and maximize your potential. We accomplish this by:

  • personalizing a plan for your physical therapy visits
  • assessing the cause of your pain or discomfort
  • providing the most appropriate physical therapy or occupational therapy to treat your problem
  • engaging in one-to-one occupational or physical therapy to ensure consistent observation and optimal results
  • monitoring your progress and keeping your physician informed
  • providing free transportation within our service area for your convenience
  • working with you to create a Lifelong Health plan for you to follow when you have completed therapy

As a community service, we offer free balance/fall prevention, healthy back and mobility screenings. Call us at 216-595-7345 to schedule your appointment.

In Memorium

We mourn the passing of Peter B. Lewis. He will be greatly missed by many members of our community as not only an ultra-creative business leader, but also as a philanthropist who generously donated funds and shared his knowledge and wisdom to propel vision and concepts into practical realities. His legacy will live on at Menorah Park with each client who benefits from the creation of our Peter B. Lewis Aquatic & Therapy Center that came to fruition due to his generous support. We were always humbled and honored when he would state that providing funds to build the Peter B. Lewis Aquatic & Therapy Center was one of his most rewarding and favorite gifts. In his name and lasting memory, we pledge to work diligently to bring those who come to the Peter B. Lewis Center comfort, relief from pain, and lasting improvement to the quality of their lives.

Steve Raichilson

Menorah Park Center for Senior Living

Executive Director

If you would like to express your condolences, below are the guestbooks on and Berkowitz-KuminBookatz Funeral Home - Guestbook

Berkowitz-KuminBookatz Funeral Home - Guestbook


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AquaStretch TM NEW at Lewis Aquatic Center!


Did you know that 25% of all people may develop painful hip osteoarthritis by age 85? Fortunately there are ways to reduce pain, improve motion and improve strength.



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About Us

At the Peter B. Lewis Aquatic & Therapy Center, the focus is on you. Our highly trained therapists provide individualized therapy care to meet your personal goals.


At the Peter B. Lewis Aquatic & Therapy Center, therapy is provided by a licensed physical therapist specializing in land and warm water therapy.

Lifelong Health

We offer a wide range of services to help adults “Live Better, Live Longer.” Although therapy eventually comes to an end, your need to stay active and healthy does not.

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